The North American Institute was founded in Barcelona in 1951 as a private association and a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote cultural exchange between Catalonia and the United States of America. Its main activity is to teach North American culture and language and this always by means of a top-quality professional teaching staff and teaching method in which the interaction between teacher and student in a classroom is fundamental. Our methodology is based on the conviction that this direct personal relationship assures the fastest and most efficient learning of the language. The North American Institute occupies a leadership position among the English language academies in Barcelona.

The North American Institute provides a wide range of timetables so that English and cultural courses, suitable to all ages, professions and purposes, can be studied. The English courses fulfill the objectives of the Common European Reference Framework for language learning (MECR). Likewise, the Institute is an authorized testing center for the official English examinations of the University of Cambridge and the University of Michigan (ECCE, ECPE, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE).

The North American Institute represents a cultural bridge with the United States. Here, a large variety of activities are carried out which include films, music performances, visual art exhibitions, seminars and conferences. To accomplish its mission and keep on fulfilling its objectives as an institution,, in 2006 the "IEN" was constituted as the "North American Institute Private Foundation.

The board of trustees of the Foundation is composed of the following members: Robert Manson (president), Juan Carlos Arranz, Josep Mª Bosch, Josep Lluís Bonet, Ramon Casals, Juan Francisco Corona, Lluís Foix, Pasqual Maragall, Andreu Mas-Colell, Juan Enrique Maza, Pere Mateu, Àngel Monell, Antoni Noguero, Jordi Pujol, Antoni Serra, Jordi Setoain, Blake Davies i Ismael Nafria. The Executive committee consists of the following members: Robert Manson (president), Juan Carlos Arranz, Juan Francisco Corona, Carles Domingo, Àngel Monell, Antoni Noguero, Jordi Setoain and Tanya C. Anderson.   


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